About Us

The Kollel Yad Yosef is a spiritual center to the Sephardic communities of Toronto. It shines forth the light of Torah for all those thirsty to grow in their service of the divine, bringing the crown of glory that once was, back home.

The avreichim are dedicated to sharing their love for a Torah life by sitting and learning day and night. They delve deep into the teachings of our Sages and act as a model for our community to flourish.

Headed by the Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Yaakov Hassan, the Kollel is proud to be the anchor to learning Torah for every synagogue and community in Toronto. Feeling a responsibility to share our heritage with all those who want to, the Kollel opens its doors daily to any and all to learn and taste the elation that is in our heritage.

We invite you to come in and see for yourself what the atmosphere of Torah can do for you and your life.

The Kollel Members

R' Yaakov Hassan

Rosh Kollel

R' David Hassan
R' Omri Kadosh
R' Moshe Noach Levitin
R' Yaakov Luwish
R' Eliyahu Ohayon
R' Avner Sela
R' Raphael Zipori
R' Avraham Gozlan
R'Shimon Khayyat
R' Daniel Toledano


R' Menashe Menase
R' Yehuda Nulman
R' Menachem Obadia