Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bitton
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bitton
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Bitton

לעילוי נשמת
דוד ומרים ביטון ז”ל
רחל ביטון ע”ה


Mr. & Mrs. Danny Bitton Residence

55 Hefhill Ct, Thornhill  ON L4J 7L9

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Sunday, Sept 11

Completion of the Torah 11:30am
Procession 1:30pm




Bellvue Manor

8083 Jane St, Concord  ON L4K 2M7

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Tuesday, Sept 13

Cocktail Reception 6:30pm
Dinner 7:00pm


Rabbi Joey Haber

Rabbi of Magen David, Brooklyn, NY & Bet Yosef Congregation, Deal, NJ


Recognizing Excellence in Our Community


The Toronto Sephardic Kollel has been a shining light in the community, reaching people all across the city. Whereas the Torah pulsates out from the Bet Midrash, the spread of its inffluence would not be possible without the involvement of unique individuals.

Mr. & Mrs. Prosper Lugassy


The distinguished gentleman, Mr. Lugassy had a vision of bringing Torah to the Toronto Sephardic community 20 years ago. He followed through by starting Kollel Yismah Moshe. The Kollel produced many talmidei chachamim and provided countless people with a place to learn. Thanks to Mr. Lugassy’s dream, The Toronto Sephardic Kollel found its seeds to grow into what it is today.

Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Azoulay


Born and bred in Toronto, Mr. Azoulay experienced the development of Torah in Thornhill. An alumni of our schools, he went on to learn in Eretz Israel, where he tasted what it means to live with Torah and kedusha. Upon his return to Toronto, he has made it his mission to share his excitement for Torah with everyone he meets. He has been a true friend to the Kollel by supporting every one of the Kollel’s opportunities to grow.

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The Toronto Sephardic Kollel



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